O Katie, could you see this coming?

The journalists are up and running,

It seems the institution’s laid off.

Is this really what you’re made of?

I doubt the laureate’s got to thinking

Better get right down to inking

something special to reward’em

No one wants to cross with Jordan.


But why can’t you be treated royally?

Heated fans still watch you loyally.

I was changing channels lately,

came across you – quite irately –

telling hubby what you thought. A

little later saw your daughter

in her ‘I love mummy’ outfit

(Mothercare: I also bought it).


Is the marriage out of favour?

Not exactly this month’s Flava?

Will you do a Wills and Kate,

See if this will boost your rate?

In any case I have to question

some producer’s vain suggestion

you should air your dirty linen:

a million saw your marriage spinning.


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