The German language, in its wisdom, has a word for one and a half. This kind of information gets you a long way when you teach maths. In theory there could be twice as many words for numbers in German. But there aren’t, and we won’t go there. You get to an age where you discover you are supposed to call it three-over-two and then you start wondering why you didn’t stop maths when you had the chance.

We marked Lily’s one and a halfth birthday this weekend with a cake. I was supposed to make a cake last November, but didn’t. I forget why. In my defence, I have to suggest that celebrating ‘on the day’ is over-rated and often plain impractical. More half-birthdays should be celebrated, especially for those people with birthdays at strange times of the year. We didn’t do anything else: it took me days to collect the ingredients and hours to bake and clean up. It was my real birthday this week too, but I couldn’t bake myself a cake when I hadn’t actually made Lily one: now I don’t feel so bad eating it. We have been stuck indoors much of this week as Lily has had a mild bout of chicken pox, but has now got her appetite back with a vengeance and loves trying to feed herself using cutlery – mostly by placing food carefully on a fork with her fingers, opening her mouth and flinging her head back, and delicately bringing the fork to her mouth. She doesn’t miss, but the food often does.

As was the case with the Sacher Torte. I only wish I had found one and a half candles to decorate it.


So, in response to the major blog poll in the previous post, it appears 7 readers have elected to use their right to vote. I am pleased at the turn-out, but a little digging has proved that the one voter who voted ‘No’ was in fact dad. This may affect the desired outcome.

Maybe we can ask dad to write a short piece for entry in a future blog posting, perhaps on diet after a heart attack. I am still learning all the time. For example, did you know that the amount of sugar you consume really has no bearing on the health of your heart? It is the percentage of fat that you need to be looking at closely, especially saturated fats. Or is that unsaturated fats? Pigeons/smidgens. No doubt someone with one and a half times more expertise and a lot less non-birthday cake than me will put me straight soon.


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