Stuck indoors

Still off school ill with this crazy cold. Am starting to wonder whether I have the symptoms of malaria (this is how my mind works – after USA I was convinced for a few hours that I had West Nile Virus). So well and truly in the Hypochondria camp today. Cannot even stand for long or talk very loud.

I hate being off work, with a passion. Am now starting to understand why dad is not necessarily keen to stop work altogether – he mentioned on Sunday that he was wondering about the part-time option when he goes back. I do not want him to risk going back, but I am ‘getting it’ a little better, being stuck at home myself. Very humiliating and debilitating. Do we need to DO things to feel satisfaction? Is it not enough to BE?

I read on the net that dad might be feeling hopeless and depressed. Wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t need a focus beyond just a new eating regime and a careful amount of exercise. I don’t think I’m part of the solution as things stand.

I should be planning the rest of the half-term lessons, but my head is mostly yogurt today. (There is a definite food theme emerging on a number of these posts.)


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