Seven sneezes later

I got to that point in my cold where I sneezed and felt like I was getting better. Weird – see 2 Kings 4:35. I think there is a little jump of victory (hope?), where you know you are still ill, but you are ‘on the mend’ as mum says.

Dad had a similar thing today. He had an unexpected visit from a Christian about his age he knows who also had a heart attack, and who knows the kinds of feelings dad’s been having – from personal experience – about fears and so on, and was able to reassure him and give him hope about how healthy he is likely to be as time passes. It certainly cheered dad up, which has always had a knock-on effect on me. Dad’s positive attitude is infectious.

So I am going to relate some things which made me smile over the last couple of days.

1 – A fantastic Presentations Evening at school, with an amazing magician. He had us laughing so much I felt happy still in the morning from the endorphins, and his magic tricks were incredible. Maybe I should get him for my 30th birthday next year.

2 – Although my head of department’s yr 10 Statistics class all got their GCSEs in the ceremony, my class (second set) were responsible for some of the music – they performed (without permission) ‘God Save the Queen’, and I don’t mean the one HRH listens to… How embarrassing! They spent most of my revision lesson today writing an apology letter to the Head, and then I had to tell them they had spelt his name wrong…

3 – At a youth club I helped at at church tonight we did a version of Musical Chairs. Except we had one kid in a wheelchair – who won. What is the protocol for wheelchairs and Musical Chairs? The boy pointed out he always wins…

4 – Despite a full 6-lesson day, a new duty, detentions, wet breaks and a long assembly, I still felt positive at the end of the day. I put this down to praying hard this morning and not stopping until I was certain of God’s power running my life today. My harder classes went more smoothly and my year 8 set 5 were doing expressions like 2p x 3pq and harder. I was seriously impressed; have they been secretly intelligent all their lives and never let on, or was it just a good lesson?

When I lean on God, he’s big enough to hold me up.

When I rely on God to look after Dad, he makes him strong again (far more than I ever could) and gives us both hope. Next year we’ll go to the ACT convention in London together.


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