20 minute walks

With heavy head cold and extra layers, we took dad for a walk today, to the old primary school. Crumbs, even with a cotton wool head the memories flow like gravy. Just when you think ‘that’ll do’ there’s a drop more, but you don’t mind.

They cooked lunch and I moped around like the patient. Dad + stick still walks faster than I do, but only downhill now.

Some more positives though:

a) very good day with the year 7s designing a new school on Thursday

b) hilarious professional development talks by our in-house ASTs on Friday

c) my sister has a job in NZ, and we saw some great pictures she took in HK and Auckland today at mum and dad’s

d) M has figured out that if he did a PhD abroad we could move out of the UK for a few years, and I’d reach one of my dreams (of teaching abroad)…



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