Triangle food is happy food

ice crea,

This is my new theory, stumbled across at lunchtime a month ago.

Since then I have been in a stupor (for stupor, read first trimester blues) and generally angry and unhappy, against all the odds. I have been making myself a lot of triangular food to cheer myself up, and my conclusion is that the hypothesis is correct. Let me explain, by way of images:





choc green triangle

You may have noticed a correlation between food with an acute angle and food which is not advisable after a heart attack. This is largely true, and can be attributed to the way that nature rarely provides these shapes in ready-to-eat snack-packs. Not so clever for fruit to grow in this way (bunches of grapes don’t count, as they don’t have the critical angle on closer inspection). Most of these foods are man-made and deliberately triangle-shaped.

So, what would happen if you wanted to market something in the shape of an apple, say?

If you want it to be a happy feel-good thing, it would probably turn out like this:



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