So distracted

but that is little excuse for lack of blog-material. Maybe I should steal some. I was hoping for another 25 hour day, but the chances are we will lose most of our sleep to the ravings of the little one who is recovering from high temperatures and snotty noses (feels like more than one), so maybe a simpler, 24 hour option is ok really. Like sentences, days should be short enough and to the point.

Please take a look at this triangle (click on it, if you must save your eyesight),


which details some of the digital distractions of modern living. It does look kind of tasty if you are the kind of person who appreciates hierarchical taxonomies (unlike one of my readers.) However, I will be nice to him. He is coming up to three years since the heart attack and I’m not sure what one is supposed to do on such occasions. I was thinking of stopping the blog. However, it may be easier not to. Depending on how distracted I, um…


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