Too far

I was checking my old friend earlier today to find my way to a baby signing group, and discovered by entering my postcode that not only can I view my house in map format (up to a very close ratio) and view a grainy satellite view (with or without road labels), but I can now take a bird’s-eye view, looking North, South, East, or should I feel like it, West.

And I’m not talking skylark view here. This is full swoop pigeon’s-eye view, or sparrow’s, if you choose to face South (in my postcode’s case) and view the property from the garden.

[Why do some birds stay roadside and some gardenside?]

I feel it has all gone too far. I looked at where I live and discovered, depending on the Chosen Direction, that I could summon the cars of Christmases past in various arrangements. One view (North) included a Fiesta that belonged to my parents a while ago. At least two views have the boy’s old sports car (sold in July 2006), but East clearly shows the Smarter new option. And there is No Sign of the University. What can I say?

Be warned – not every postcode does this. You can breathe a sigh of relief if you live in the sticks, in any county in England or Wales. By the time the aerial photography plane reaches you, you will be on to the next car I wager.

Anyway, the place I was looking for was too hard to find this way, so I just drove in the general direction and found it regardless.


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