George and William

William Shakespeare would have been 444 today, if he hadn’t died. But only in decimal.

I will be 11111 next month, but only in binary.

I do not have a flag to wave on this auspicious day, but I have noted how English it all is outside today – the rain is out, the road has fallen through and there is a traffic cone on the pavement opposite for no good reason. My post arrived at midday, milk went up 4p this morning and I wasn’t well enough to go to my hospital physio this morning. Neither did I have enough cash for the parking there. I am in fact reasonably pleased that dragons have not featured in my day to this point. I suppose if one did I’d have to hurry out and buy a red and white flag to wave at it to make it go away. Nasty dragons, coming over here taking our milk, breaking our roads and holding up the posties. It all makes one feel like a nice cup of tea and a sit down.


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