Threescore is written by Lucy, a 30-something mum of two and wife of one, based in the East of England.

Having been through a long and painful season of burn-out and anxiety in 2013, Lucy now has high hopes of not needing to prove her significance through achievements. She’s always been a little counter-cultural, but also loves to bless others in big and small ways. In 2011 her daughter Lily wrote to Sainsbury’s, but that’s another story.

Fuelled by God’s love and grace, sustained by family and a passion for writing Lucy finds significance in becoming and learning about each thing God planned for her life one step at a time, no matter where that leads. The journey is already turning out to be quite an adventure.

On the way there may be a number of tea breaks. You are welcome to join us.

Cycle of Grace


2 responses to “About

  1. Lucy,
    I am in uni currently in a writing course and I am writing an article for my school’s blog about the Giraffe Bread story. Would I possibly be able to get your permission to use the pictures of the letters you have on your blog? If the blog gets published, there would be links straight to your blog. And if not, well, you helped me with an assignment 🙂

    • Hi Amanda – thanks for asking, and of course you can. There are now many copies of these images in the public domain, but feel free to reference the original ones if you like. Hope it goes well – you could always post us a link to your article after, as I’d love to see it 🙂

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