Giving up Pancakes for Lent

The flipside is, we can enjoy some tonight. The discerning ones in our household will have pancakes with the Maple Syrup I bought in Canada, and Lily will have one with the lemon and sugar I bought in Suffolk. Possibly without the pancake. Did I mention she was fussy? She even leaves bits of Giraffe Bread if the base is black, sweet and chewy. (I suspect a certain large supermarket are not cleaning the ovens too often.)

I do not usually give things up for Lent. This is for a number of reasons, including:

a) not living in a time of feast-or-famine (due to being in 2012);

b) having recently bought a load of self-pity chocolate to get over the tiredness and stress of being awake most of the night for the past two weeks (due to being a parent of a 4 and a 1 year old);

c) an almost complete lack of self-discipline when it comes to food (due to keeping food in the house);

d) not seeing Lent coming (due to a Baptist upbringing);

e) a lack of imagination in the originality department on these things.

Our church youth worker has suggested taking things up for Lent. This is very acceptable to me, and while snow-boarding, 5-star hotel inspecting and building a Taj Mahal out of Lego all appeal to me, perhaps that isn’t really the spirit of the thing. I am not going to set myself targets I cannot achieve or which are flippant, both of which are regular failings of mine. Instead, I intend to do something spiritual. I want to learn to pray better. When I pray, things happen. When others pray for me, things happen. When I do not pray, things are not so simple or peaceful. I want to spend time getting to know God better and listening to him.

So, now I have posted it here, I intend to take my resolution seriously. I am going to use the Re:Jesus website to inspire daily prayer and meditation, as I am a computer-oriented person. We’ll see how it works.

In the meantime, I’m hoping for a pancake pig-out tonight. Yum!


3 responses to “Giving up Pancakes for Lent

  1. Enjoy the pancakes. My problem is never getting around to buying that fabulous non-stick pancake pan I keep promising myself. Last year’s attempts were disastrous as a result and this year I’m not even going to try!

    • Get a heavy Le Creuset one if you don’t mind not flipping them – great pancakes, and only 9 out of the Delia recipe, instead of 12-14 she suggests, as it is so lovely and large! I was proved right on the fussiness predictions and should not have wasted a good crepe on a child who is considering giving up vegetable for Lent. Or French food (wherever she got that idea).

  2. [vegetable sg probably not an error….]

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