Audio Illusion

Maybe it should read Audial Illusion. I don’t think that sounds right though.

I recently watched a fascinating programme I had recorded on Horizon called ‘Is Seeing Believing?’ with some very interesting TV science about the senses and how closely related they are. It can still be viewed on BBC iPlayer here until the end of November. Any programme covering synaesthesia, blind people cycling by clicking like a bat and tricking people into thinking they’ve got an extra arm keeps me happy.

Now back to the story. Joseph has got to the age where he is practising a lot of vowel sounds, and occasional other gutteral noises, such as ëÿ (He speaks in Bold).

 A typical conversation with him begins with him randomly suggesting ĘĠđö, to which I might reply, ‘Really? Tell me all about it’ (I speak in Normal).

ǖӘ…ǖӘ thp  Öæá [bashes high chair with jam jar lid]

‘I wish I could understand what you’re saying Joseph, but you just sit there and play, while I wash up’ [turns to face sink]

œǖ   œǖ  egg Hello Mummy

[jumps, then turns to see Lily entering and talking in exactly the same tones as Joseph – proceeds to make cup of tea and give cuddles all round]

Learning point: learn which child has which voice. You never know when it might come in handy.


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