More door decisions

I asked the decisive person in the family (see this post) today what colour she wanted the new front door to be, and she wants the old one back. Or, failing that, black.

So she doesn’t count.

I also asked mum and dad, who are concerned that we could use it to show allegiance to a political party, football team or university college. Another dead end. What do people read into this? I live in Ipswich, where half the doors are Oxford Blue on inspection. But it is a Labour seat. I suspect ITFC has a lot to answer for. Mum thought Norwich colours might be a bit radical. I suppose so, but am grateful that it wasn’t an early Victorian trend to go for Canary Yellow and Easter Green on one’s portal to the world.

I am wondering about choosing something remotely National Trust, say from Farrow & Ball, but don’t want to send the message ‘please burgle me’. I had liked the trendy grey that has been springing up everywhere (apparently derived from primer, according to the Telegraph). But we already have reclaimed brass fittings, so that is not such a clever idea. We also have to consider what colours we might like in the glazing. Hmm.

This decision has to happen tonight, unfortunately. The painter popped over today with samples and can put on the undercoat in the morning.

So I really ought to stop doing this and get on with it. Ideas gratefully received, as ever, or we end up with ‘pregnant hormonal pink’ or Cath Kidston. Interesting thought…


2 responses to “More door decisions

  1. OK, so we decided to call the painter and agree to have a little longer to work through the options.

    Now we are down to the Farrow & Ball lovely palette, and thinking some kind of blue, or perhaps a red that works ok with the neighbours’ red, or sage green, or racing green, or something else in the National Trust options.

    Progress is halted while we assess Lily’s rash and take her to the doctors later. Let’s hope it is all something mild and not serious.

  2. Lily is thankfully only fighting a virus and is staying home writing music, inventing recipes and learning how to blow bubbles (all unsuccessfully).

    We may have a colour for the door. Photos to follow when it is complete…

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