Do forgive the hacking cough. According to a reliable source I qualify for Swine Flu and passed the test and need looking after and so would Lily if she were not under 5 and therefore ineligible. It is not as convincing as I was hoping, as I think I have another bug which is going around and involves having a summer cold that lasts a week. It has been preventing me concentrating for very long at a…

… so anyway. Where was I? Ahem-hem. I think the boy has it too.

And do you know what I’m worried about? Having too many vegetables in, which I don’t want to waste (but which will, by all reason, be healthier than take-aways). And whether it is nosey to go to an Open Afternoon three doors down on Saturday for a house that’s come up for sale I’ve liked since we moved here and has a bigger garden, but can’t imagine we would go to the effort of moving for. They have WISTERIA!

Do you know what I should be concerning myself with? I have a preaching gig on Sunday evening, and it is about the Suffering Church (i.e. places in the world where it is very dangerous to practice Christianity) and am telling a bit about North Korea. I haven’t been there. There are no songs about it. It is not in the Bible. And it is all Top Secret, but luckily there is a fair bit on the web. Excuse me while I try not to feel sorry for myself any longer and look up some more google images and Bible verses.

And pray for me – I could do with my energy back, or else I may be forced to enact a dramatic The Preacher has been Gagged and the Sermon will be Passed round Secretly Under the Chairs on Rice Paper kind of stunt, which is not really The Thing.  I don’t even have rice paper.


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