Washing Machine + Raisin = Grape

Maybe I should be using the tumble drier in the cellar to make wine. Or then again, maybe I should think in straight lines.

As you are aware, today is the third Thursday in November and therefore a date of auspicious celebrity the world over. Yes, from Alaska to Zinfandel (I never knew if that was a place or a Has-Grape) today is…

… Beaujolais Nouveau day.

And many happy returns of it to you too. As you probably know, the experts do fuss about whether or not the season’s BN is really ready to drink on the third Thursday of November. I would like the opportunity to make a scientific study of this, but alas, I have reports to work on tonight. They are due in tomorrow, and I have been busy planning lessons and packing to go away.

Ah, yes, packing. We are off at the weekend to meet our new nephew in Yorkshire. He has a biblical name that rhymes with Snower. We are all very pleased and excited at his arrival, although the prize for the mostest pleased and excitedest must have to go to his amazing mother, who did the equivalent of a working week in labour (what is it about giving birth to our nephews?) and then had a C-section.

Ooh, I could crush a grape!


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