Not UnSatisfactory

Also Not UnGood. And Not UnOutstanding.

Being rated Satisfactory when you weren’t actually seen is a bit disappointing when you know that you are at least Good (if not Outstanding at times), and that the only reason you are not Unsatisfactory is down to other factors outside your own control.

I don’t mind not being seen in my teaching this time, but I do mind taking any credit for any inspections which have nothing to do with me.

However, there is a lot of aching going on in my heart and in my body and I have got to stop playing mind games with myself and deal with work I have to do tonight and hopefully get to the doctor tomorrow. (I should have had that sorted that out two weeks ago if I hadn’t locked myself out).

In trying to prove to myself that I am not an awful mother, I left the baby with her auntie this morning and managed to buy some materials for making her first birthday present (the baby, that is). I am hoping to make her a rag doll. She will hopefully love it, and it doesn’t matter how awful it is as long as I don’t try to sell it. I even found an American book dating from 1913 with some great advice for making dolls, but haven’t a clue what it is on about. Maybe it will be a little better than Satisfactory. We’ll have to see.


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