Things to smile about

A girl in my year 8 form group asked me last week whether in September she was going into year 9.

Another girl, a year younger, asked me yesterday what I was going to call my child. Dead-pan moment called for, so I answered “Doris”.

“What if it’s a girl?” she replied.

A boy in year 10 who has had all of this half term to do his coursework finally did the whole thing last lesson, as the deadline loomed. He has proven mathematically that brown hair is the most common colour for boys and girls.

Talking of statistics, I have discovered that my bump is growing discretely. My normal work trousers stopped fitting precisely 10 minutes into a lesson last week, and were painful all that day. I had already put my pregnancy trousers in the wash, so thought I’d better wear my baggier pregnancy trousers the next day. I felt like a clown, constantly having to hoick them up and worrying that they weren’t clinging enough as I am not big enough for them.

It turns out the teacher for Textiles (Sewing) doesn’t keep safety pins in school.

Amazing what you can do with a paper-clip when you need to.

I covered one of her lessons the other day and the whole GCSE class were planning their prom dresses for next year. It made me wonder what would happen if a boy took GCSE Textiles.

A man rang up yesterday about sponsoring my Lego Challenge for next week and asked whether we needed a first, second and third prize. I’d already allocated prize money from the budget, so was hesitant and said so. He told me a few minutes later that he had chatted with the partners and they’d agreed a third prize of £20 HMV tokens, second prize of £50 and a top prize of an iPod nano. I managed to find a way to back-track and accept his offer… 

I love my job. There is a new thing to smile about each day.

I also love the fact that it is nearly summer holidays, that the builders are coming in August to work on our kitchen, that we are going to see our nephew tomorrow, that my sister has a job and some good travel plans after New Zealand, that dad is getting better and better and that Peanut is kicking a lot. Despite the fact that somehow they have very little space and my bump is still about the shape of the millenium dome.



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