Something New

Time for new things. I hope you like the new look of the blog. In case you can’t remember, it used to look something like this:


Now I am intending to get a lot better I have updated a few things and will improve the site over coming weeks.

It has been a tough Christmas for all kinds of different reasons, but God has been present in it all and family members and friends have been heroes, despite losing dearly loved friends lately, coming home from a long journey to find the power had been off and all kinds of anxiety. I dipped a lot emotionally in December but am able to cope a little better each day and am excited about the new year. So, instead of a resolution for the whole of 2014 I am resolved for just one day to take things one step at a time. To serve my family and a few others around us and not put undue pressure to do any more than that. Then tomorrow, I may or may not make a similar resolution.

Thank you for all your kind and precious words over this season – I know something great is going to happen, and this is only the beginning of the beginning.

to you


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