Depression Toolkit #17: Unplanned lunch date

My husband is working from home this week while he recovers from a cold. The children are both out. So we went out for lunch. Ok, just for all-you-can-eat pizza (which was very much my choice and not his), but it definitely beats sorting out the guinea pig mites or moping about reaching the end of Frasier series eleven. I was able to face away from all the people and stuff my face with happy food.


Even better, we chatted about and planned outstanding details for various upcoming trips and events which had been causing me some anxiety, so this has brought me huge relief on a few areas. I was also able to do some important admin with him at home and fill him in on today’s doctor’s appointment. The doctor has told me I should not commit to anything that needs my responsibility for the rest of this year. To be fair, I am not surprised actually. Even short meetings with good friends are causing major anxiety for me. I will have to review very carefully what I should and should not get involved with, and to what degree.

I am forever grateful to God for people who know how to cheer me up spontaneously and help me get important things done. Even more so for my husband and his patience and care. There is a time for happy food – and a time to work on getting out of the hole.

A remarkable video – and more so if you have never seen the tags ‘cute’ and ‘sewage’ used together before.

Anxiety weighs down the heart,
    but a kind word cheers it up.

Proverbs 12:25


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