Homemade Maths

Nothing like a bit of pressure on every angle to push me into starting a business. It has been in the pipeline for some time, but now I am about ready so I have launched Homemade Maths.


I am going to tutor parents.

Yes, parents.

Because parents seem to doubt their mathematical ability more than the average child. Because daytime lessons suit me better than evenings with the children still so young. Which suits stay at home parents. And because at this point in my life I can justify and afford this risk the most. I still have one pre-schooler to juggle (and he does keep getting heavier). I want to return to teaching in due course and be up to speed with the developments in education.

And because you never can get away from tests asking whether you would pass primary school maths… apparently only 5% (or one in 20) of parents get all ten correct. Go on, I dare you.


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