Dinosaurs and the need for Theology in Parenting

I don’t know whether dinosaurs had censuses (censi?), but I do know that they fell into the categories of herbivore and carnivore. Lily has been learning all about this at school this week. Herbivores she tells me, are vegetarians. But the other ones are Christians.

At what point did dinosaurs get religion? And did they believe in determinism? Perhaps vegetarianism counts as a faith in Lily’s mind. This would make sense if she misunderstood my ‘don’t give anyone else your ham sandwiches at lunchtime’ talk. There are people in her class who won’t eat it. Muslims, Jews, Vegetarians, who knows? Do Jedi adherents eat pork?

I had honestly hoped a degree incorporating theology and ancient languages would mean I would have more of a feel for answering real life questions.

In fact, it does have its uses.

On discovering Lily furtively scribbling on the back of a piece of paper, I demanded to know what she was doing and was presented with:


This would have made little sense if my ancient-language-decoding radar and motherly instinct hadn’t kicked in and encouraged her to complete what she was doing:


A translation:

This certificate is awarded to Joe Robinson for trying to do a wee wee.


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