Poem by Lily, aged 4 nearly 5

‘Humu humu aka aka aka aka a’

‘What does that mean? Is it Lily-language?’

‘Yes, it means [with actions]:

Two smails… two snails met

One was a lady, one was a man

Hello, hello, it is raining

I am going inside my shell

So am I

Smell those lovely flowers!’

Editor’s update!

Lily just spent 24 hours with her maternal grandparents, including learning the following verse:

Deux petits escargots se rencontrent.

Bonjour. Bonjour.

Comment ca va?

Ca va bien merci. Et toi?

Ca ne va pas.

Il pleut. Je rentre chez moi.

Moi aussi. Au revoir.

Au revoir.

[my spacings]

Well I think that explains her sudden foray into non-English poetry. Ha ha! But the flowers were all her own invention I believe. Tres bien!


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