Do you know what this is?


I hope so, as its presence will enhance your life immeasurably. Say, by as much as 5%, depending on how easily you are pleased.

Sadly I cannot prove this.

I own a number of them. Every member of the family has an idea of what they are for.

See if you can identify the correct person with the correct solution. There are four people (the husband, the daughter, the son and myself). There are four possible meanings to this item.

As you may or may not know, the inner part comes free and can be readily taken around kitchen room it is found in, for imaginative new identities:

If you do not include secret-crisp-eating-so-children-do-not-hear in your personal meaning to these plastic items, I respect you, and if you managed to assign society’s stereotypes to the options, you are to be applauded in your correct guesses. I am not actually a massive fan of crisps, but have been trying to find items to eat at lunchtime that are incredibly quick (such that a morning activity out of the house can be combined with getting Lily to pre-school for 12:30) and also create little washing up. I know my body is telling me to eat more healthily, so I am trialling a pack from Graze this week, and giving up all hope with it of not being utterly middle-class. Laugh at me if you like. But if, like me, you find the need to snack all day, perhaps a free box may be something to kick-start a healthier habit.

Mmmm. I’m looking forward to it already. Might have to hide it in a cupboard with a soft-closer so no one else knows.


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