One generation shall praise Your works to another – Part III

So this is the third of the three parts.

Another 100 today.

Not this one:

Although they timed that very conveniently for me. At ease lads.

No, something far more fascinating, if you are at all interested in Adolphus A. Cox. I was not aware of the existence of Adolphus A. Cox until last week, when my attention was politely drawn to a document found by a bookseller a few miles from here. They knew where to write, as the document happens to be the Particulars and Conditions of Sale of our house (a ‘Pleasantly Situate Small Residence’). What was rather strange was to find that it was

To be Sold by Auction,

On THURSDAY, 18th APRIL, 1912,

At 7 o’clock p.m. precisely.

So although I cannot tell you much more about Adolphus A. Cox, tenant at £18 per Annum, payable Quarterly, I can tell you that precisely 100 years ago today he was probably wondering who his new landlord was going to be, and the dimensions of the house he lived in at the time, in feet and inches. And that, in my opinion, is far more exciting. I wonder who Adolphus was, and whether he appreciated his iron palisade fence (alas, no longer), SCULLERY, with copper, sink, and Water Supply (now our shower room) and Electric Light and Gas laid on. I hope so. There’s not much we share in common really. He doesn’t appear on the 1901 census record I have, and old pieces of newspaper found under wallpaper in the cellar don’t relate to his time. I wonder if he fought in the Great War, and whether he survived to have his own family. I wonder what he would have made of the school down the road which Lily will start in September, which wasn’t even built until 1914? Or the Jubilee celebrations planned for the street behind ours for the King’s grand-daughter this summer? Or the idea of having not only Electric Light, but also an Entertainment Box in the BACK SITTING ROOM and other boxes in the house run on Electricity which replace the Range, which heat the house without using the fireplaces and which allow Instant Communication Worldwide. Who knows?

I wonder if he had Wisdom, and Knowledge, to influence the generations after him?

I wonder if he had fine Character?

I don’t know whether he had Conviction and Values to live by, but I suspect I may be doing further research to find out more.


Meanwhile, the house needs cleaning, the dinner needs preparing, the children need raising, the shopping needs planning and I am distinctly short of a Domestic Help. Time I got on with my convictions.

In 1912 the Olympics were held in Stockholm. In 2012 the countdown for the London Olympics reaches the final 100 days. And the games motto, released today?

Inspire a Generation

Oh yes.



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