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Leapy thoughts

It has occurred to me that today is the 60th day of the year so far. 60 days in already?

And for anybody celebrating their 60th year today, I congratulate you on your 15th birthday and wish you several happy returns. Rossini would have been 53 today according to Google. Or maybe 220. Time for something cultural to celebrate:

In any case, whatever else you have proposed for the day ahead, do have a wonderful St Oswald of Worcester’s day, and mind you don’t come to the same end he did (by washing the feet of the poor in Worcester on 29th February). His feast day is celebrated on 29th February in leap years. This has happened a remarkable 255 times since the fateful day in 992.

[editor’s note: my husband has pointed out that, owing to 1900, 1800 and 1700 not having leap years, 255 should be revised down to 252]


Giving up Pancakes for Lent

The flipside is, we can enjoy some tonight. The discerning ones in our household will have pancakes with the Maple Syrup I bought in Canada, and Lily will have one with the lemon and sugar I bought in Suffolk. Possibly without the pancake. Did I mention she was fussy? She even leaves bits of Giraffe Bread if the base is black, sweet and chewy. (I suspect a certain large supermarket are not cleaning the ovens too often.)

I do not usually give things up for Lent. This is for a number of reasons, including:

a) not living in a time of feast-or-famine (due to being in 2012);

b) having recently bought a load of self-pity chocolate to get over the tiredness and stress of being awake most of the night for the past two weeks (due to being a parent of a 4 and a 1 year old);

c) an almost complete lack of self-discipline when it comes to food (due to keeping food in the house);

d) not seeing Lent coming (due to a Baptist upbringing);

e) a lack of imagination in the originality department on these things.

Our church youth worker has suggested taking things up for Lent. This is very acceptable to me, and while snow-boarding, 5-star hotel inspecting and building a Taj Mahal out of Lego all appeal to me, perhaps that isn’t really the spirit of the thing. I am not going to set myself targets I cannot achieve or which are flippant, both of which are regular failings of mine. Instead, I intend to do something spiritual. I want to learn to pray better. When I pray, things happen. When others pray for me, things happen. When I do not pray, things are not so simple or peaceful. I want to spend time getting to know God better and listening to him.

So, now I have posted it here, I intend to take my resolution seriously. I am going to use the Re:Jesus website to inspire daily prayer and meditation, as I am a computer-oriented person. We’ll see how it works.

In the meantime, I’m hoping for a pancake pig-out tonight. Yum!

Threescore years on the throne

In honour of Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years as Queen today, I’m dedicating a whole link to the BBC story. (In part, as thanks for the extra 100,000 hits last week). Thank you BBC. Hope you get a few hits your way. Thank you too Mrs Windsor. I have been around for most of your reign by my calculations, and you seem to be doing a top job. Keep it up – we’re proud of you!

‘look, one can do an impression of oneself on a stamp’