Christmas Times

Time to write the Christmas to do list:

A time to buy cards and a time to write them.

A time to alter the address spreadsheet and a time to mailmerge.

A time to paste and a time to post.

A time to wish and a time to list.

A time to stock and a time to fill.

A time to file and a time to stick.

A time to give and a time to forgive.

A time to book and a time to write.

A time to cook and a time to light.

A time to watch and a time to listen.

A time.

Times two.

GMT. PST. How many hours behind am I now?

This Christmas I will be thinking in stereo. Probably with jetlag. But I am very excited because I will be seeing my sister again for the first time since her move to Canada. She cannot justify much time off work with tight film deadlines at this time of year and even tighter annual leave. And we cannot justify the expense and craziness of taking the four of us to Vancouver in mid-winter at an age when the children will be unable to remember it.

So, with the blessing of my family, I am going to travel out to see my little sister myself over Christmas. For me and for her, some well-earned catch-up time. For my husband and all four grandparents, quality time with the children. I am already missing them. Today marks ten years to the day since I met my husband and we still enjoy each other’s company the most.

Each day is precious in the company of the ones you love.


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