Daily Archives: June 17, 2011


Lily is utterly unaware that her letter to Sainsbury’s has now gone viral on twitter. As of this afternoon a search on tweetreach indicates 14283 people have read about the letters detailed below. And a search on my blog stats shows a massive surge today to its highest ever levels for one day (well into the thousands). Wow. Some people are even tweeting that Sainsbury’s made it up or posted it themselves. They didn’t. I put the pictures on here and mentioned them on facebook. A friend tweeted them.

Probably the best kind of flattery is this sort, from an unknown tweeter:

I would love Lily to write a book, but I am not pushing her. If she has other silly questions, that’s great. We just love her for who she is. A typical 3 year old who is trying to make sense of the world.

Or maybe we ought to start a campaign to rename Tiger Bread.

Or contact Sainsburys about Lily doing their next ad campaign. She comes cheaper than Jamie Oliver.