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So Lily got two letters today. The first was rather a waste of nice paper.

The second, care of ‘Our Careline’, whoever she is (masquerading as Chris I think) reads thus:

Thank you Chris. Maybe Lily should write a few more letters.


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  1. Fabulous – nice to see there are still human beings in corporate land 🙂

  2. Hi. Lovely letter. Would you object to me featuring it on Letters of Note at some point? Thanks!


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  4. Great letters, well done Lily and well done Sainsburys

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  6. My husband just took this photo in our local Sainsbury’s –


  7. This really is just wonderful. It’s amazing that we have this capacity to reach out and connect with one another with the smallest of gestures. Chris King did a great thing when he stopped and listened. He responded. And kindly. That’s human nature at it’s best.

    Of course all of these would not have began without your wonderful little girl. Lily sounds like a beautifully inquisitive child, you must be incredibly proud of her. I hope she always asks questions & and hopefully receives more answers like these.


  8. Loved this – made my day! And a flipping good question too Lily.

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  10. That’s a great response! 😀

    However, do you realise that your postcode is showing in the waste of paper’ letter? You may want to blur it out, considering how much Twitter attention you’re getting!

    • Thank you Sophira – we noticed that at blogging stage but weren’t overly worried – yes, lots of twitter attention, but a lot of information is in the public domain these days and I have not put Lily’s image on with the letter (beautiful and funny as she is!) – I fear the horse has bolted regarding twitter (a friend put it on before mentioning it to me!)

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  13. Little Lily with her adorable letter and Sainsbury’s reply got viral. Real viral.
    85k likes and 28k shares on fb: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150705324439112&set=a.10150644613369112.488655.792794111&type=1&theater

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  18. WOW! An amazing story – certainly grabbed the addition on our facebook page.

    Very cool!


  19. haha, brilliant. very true

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  23. Brilliant!! 🙂 I saw the pictures on facebook and just read the story on the BBC News website. Excellent! 🙂

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  28. Just want to say thank you to Lily for writing to Sainsbury’s about something I’ve been saying for years (I’ve always called it giraffe bread)- wish I’d written in too now! 🙂

  29. hahahah 🙂 I love it! The best part is that the manager put his age at the end!!! 🙂 also, how random is a £3 gift card 🙂 SO cute though!

  30. So sweet. And, Chris King, aged 27 and three quarters now, thumbs up to you!

  31. I’ve just read that Sainsbury’s are renaming it giraffe bread! How fantastic! I’ve often thought it was badly named. Well done Lily!

    (And well done Chris King for his excellent reply!)

  32. Reblogged this on The Blogfather and commented:
    I hope my child writes similar letters to big corporate retailers in a few years time! Excellent! Well done Lilly!

  33. pcsupportbirmingham

    It’s nice to hear of story’s like this now and then.
    It’s amazing how even large corporate leaders have a sense of humour and are willing to change.

  34. Great story! A great example of customer care done well!


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  37. Hi, I read about this story, because my friend shared link from bbc.co.uk. I sow that bread on the picture in article. I think that Lily has very good eye and She should know that giraffes have few paleage patterns and this bread from Sainsbury’s has pattern from giraffes in South African population 🙂 I know that Lily is small girl …but She is so smart, so I thought that She want to know, that Her eye is so precise 🙂 You can check it on wikipedia:

    Lily You are amazing!
    Anna from Poland

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  43. Several sources are indicating that I started the facebook campaign, which I did not. There are several pages set up to encourage the change of name, and the person who sent the images is unknown to me. I think The Telegraph made the mistake first and have been quoted widely elsewhere!

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  46. Great story! A great example of customer care done well!

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  76. http://bradleypr.byu.edu/index.php/2017/03/28/giraffe-or-tiger-no-customer-suggestion-is-a-small-one/

    My published story! Thanks for letting me use the pictures. I got good marks on the assignment, too 🙂

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