Wow. Aven’t blogged for quite a bit. Appened to ave been a bit busy at ours lately, but maybe I’ll blog more about that some less busy time.

We took the kids to Ertford today, and true to the saying, did not encounter urricanes of any kind. We were there to bid farewell to my sister before she emigrates and meet with my brother and his wife and children too. It was good to have a meal together and a short walk to a park, but it was over too quickly and my sister ad to urry off and catch the 16:42 to Kings Cross. I will miss being able to talk to her in a convenient time zone and share ugs. But I am also immensely proud that she is pursuing something she’s dreamed about for ages and ages. Luverly. Now we’ll ave to save up to go and visit her in Canada. At least it’s not Spain. I ear the rain is frightful on the plains there.

One for dad. I think it might be a Great Dollop or something.

In other news, my father-in-law celebrates his 65th birthday today and we wish him many appy returns of the day. But obviously no urricanes. It interferes with the trees.

I nearly forgot to update the records about my new cousin once removed. He was rather uge I gather, leaving not much change from £10. Still, I cannot work out whether he is a small car or a fancy cocktail. Probably, as he is proper Northern, I am being too hostentatious. Anyway, good to ave you with us Haustin Jack.


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