A Field of Genes

This weekend just gone I spent some time catching up with a few members of my family.

By family, I mean my husband and our children. And my parents, my sister, brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece.

Also 3 uncles, 3 aunts, 8 cousins, 6 partners, 7 cousins’ children (not including any unborn), 2 cats and a dog.

I am not sure I can claim to be related to the cats or dog, and the partners are not blood-related (hopefully), but it made for a very impressive field of folk, all of whom I am grateful to be connected to and am enormously proud of. Many of those attending actually weathered a wet and very windy Welsh field for two nights. Tents were even blown away, but the joy was not. Instead we sacrificed a lamb in the finest Patagonian style and flew kites and shaped balloons and wrote on slate borders and bounced and laughed and released lanterns and drank and ate and danced and celebrated that most joyous of states – being together.

I cannot imagine anything better than to be together with the ones you love in a safe and beautiful environment. To me, this is a preview of heaven. Of course, each of us have other family spread across other parts, but our clan gathering was really rather special. I am so glad we did it, and genuinely look forward to doing a similar thing again in the future.


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