Toddler-led Potty Training

Lily has been ready to potty train for weeks, so I thought I’d ignore her and have a baby instead. In the meantime, she has been mentally preparing herself for the first proper potty experience. It is a big deal: if she can wee in the potty she may wear knickers.

Her little brother has almost caught her up in nappy sizes (they are different builds as well as plumbing), and is only breast-feeding every 3-4 hours now, so maybe the time is right. Also we own some summer dresses at great prices from ebay, some gold star stickers and a home made chart, and potties, toilet seats, training pants, knickers, puppy training mats, a library of literature on the topic and a potette, so what else could we possibly want?

Lily determined that she would sit on a potty and watch CBeebies for most of yesterday, but could only manage a dribble or two. Today however, she observed five of her NCT friends at the park, most of whom used a portable potty near her. With no extra encouragement she succeeded in filling her potty twice, and then wanted to sit on the toilet!

Now we see what happens next. We have a last-minute trip organised to see my brother and his family tomorrow, and and exciting major family reunion next weekend. Is she going to go dry in the daytime by her own devices before next weekend? Will she mind wearing training pants in 30 degree weather? Has she realised that I haven’t actually let her wear her Peppa Pig knickers yet?

Stay tuned…


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