Who thinks longitudinally anymore anyway?

Lily is so full of ideas. And when she isn’t sure about something, she makes it up. Or makes connections. What’s that thing you get on those special and rare occasions when you’ve eaten your meal up? Must be nice-cream.
Who just made that noise? I didded a window-pop mamma.
What is Joseph doing Lily? He is cryey.
We were late to church this week (it happens, we never mind, it keeps the bit where we have to entertain Lily to a minimum) and I noticed something. All the cars in the ‘late’ part of the car park seemed to have England flags aimed outwards in praise and celebration. I used the long walk with a slow child to explain that some people put flags on their cars.

Today, picking her up from nursery, I heard her make a comment about flags from the back seat. This is where she sits, otherwise it would be illegal. I was in the front. This is where I sit, otherwise it would be stationary.

What did you say Lilypie? (hoping she would speak up).
There a flag on the cars, mamma (she replied – sic).
What colours are the flags? (Yes, I am a teacher).
Um. They are. White flags. With. Red on them.
And do you know why people put flags on their cars?
Um. Because they going to church. With flags on.


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