Cold blog

I have not forgotten that I have a blog going off the boil. However, I have forgotten most other things, including putting ice cream back in the freezer and leaving cups of tea for arriving home to in recent days. Not everything is best at room temperature, it happens.

Joseph is eight weeks old already, and in that time I have not had any more than 3 hours or so asleep in a row, or perhaps six hours total in any given 24 hour period. He has also developed a bit of colic, which is something you can only get away with if you are of a certain age. There are positives here of course.

I intend to get back to blogging and try and have a weekly time to do it in. However, I also intend to try cleaning the house soon. And install some new furniture. And meet a whole lot of people. And garden. And grout. And restart the baby clothes boxes scheme when the new church building is complete quite soon. And I fear potty training is on the horizon, but Lily is more ready than I am for that adventure.

Maybe I should reheat a frozen blog, or send out for a takeablog. Until then, there will be a few scraps here and there.


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