Excruciating Labour Pain?

Here’s the thing. I do not believe Gordon Brown ever truly wanted to be re-elected as prime minister this time around. Why?

Because he would be charged with clearing up a nasty economic mess. And even the great Gordinho is not up to that kind of trick. Prudence won’t come out to play today. The repercussions to his political party would be more disagreeable than a Revolution. Hello, Goodbye. What would the end of the Labour Party birth?


Look at their fighting tactics. Team GB do not make use of Blair, except to remind everyone how orange he is (subtle message: vote for Clegg). Gordon is heard ‘off the record’ making the kind of comment any one of us might be caught out making, but apologises profusely. This draws attention to his weaknesses. Many of us might reckon on a leader sticking to his guns. ‘I don’t want to spoil the party’? His own MPs begin shouting for him to get back, before anyone else has had the chance to get forward. And then, in historic debate in front of millions, he makes a point of agreeing with Nick (not so subtle message: vote for Clegg).

What does all this Labour produce? I did notice the other day how Brown and Cameron are both names one might give a child (depending on one’s allegiances and class, perhaps), but Clegg is not. Unless perhaps you are governor of Alaska. Or a paperback writer.

And Clegg is the only party leader so far who is reasonably sure of a place in the cabinet. As well as the one with the longest neck. Act naturally.

Dad has a theory that Brown will have to step down and the next PM could be Harriet Harman. To be fair, this idea came about before votes were counted, but it is worth thinking about. Perhaps there will be no Con-Lib pact at the end of this long and winding road, and Gordon will get by with a little help from his friends. Or, more likely, they can work it out without him. I suspect that would suit everybody fine.

Good day, Sunshine.


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