My Northern Daughter (or Borrowed Pronounciation)

Happens our Lily is part northern. Daddy is northern. Mummy is somewhat more southern (although not entirely, I am proud to say). On my calculations, Lily is five-eighths Northern, two-eighths Londoner and one-eighth Cornish. Whether she is a pie, a pudding or a pasty I do not know, but this I have realised:

She cannot pronounce the key word ‘bath’ without a shortened vowel.

I put this down to the fact that daddy operates her nightly bath. I just help her change out of her clothes beforehand (this is getting easier the older she gets) and read her stories after (this is getting harder). In Suffolk, where we live, local folk moight goo an ave a baaaath. But they certainly wouldn’t have a barth. Accents in the Eastern counties share more in common with those in the South West than the South, as it happens. I do not anything to add which Michael McIntyre has not put better, but the British Library apparently do, and I don’t moind hoo they see it.


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