Spurius Claims

Now normally I trust the BBC. At least I do on matters of ‘Fact of the Day’ as found on their homepage. Today’s QI fact states:

“The letter G was invented by a Roman called Spurius Carvilius Ruga.”

Now, stop me if I’m wrong, but poor Spurius here already had a letter G in his name (albeit lower case). Does nobody check these things?

I am somewhere close to having a second child and busily nesting and preparing, which leaves little time for blogging. This is not intentional, but I do intend to get back on track before long. For example, our house has to be checked soon to see if it will be ready for me to give birth in. Hmm. At the moment, there are rooms like this:

and the front door is something like this:

which makes me wonder if Bean is likely to be born in a barn at this rate. Not your typical Easter solution – more Christmassy I think.

I also just booked the car in to have the back door handle fixed on the side we’ll need to open to get the baby in and out, should we wish to travel with it. It cannot be opened from the outside. I think I have enough nappies, I know we have some newborn clothes somewhere and for some reason it is also important that I imminently: take Lily to the dentist and also have her eyes seen, take a bunch of excited year 7 girls out to ‘All Fired Up’ to paint mugs, help IKEA stay in the black (both online and in person) and visit various people/fit in various activities before it is too late to ever (seemingly) do them again. Two children sounds like a lot more than one. Especially when the ‘one’ has hit the terrible twos with major anxiety at ever being away from me.

Now to chase up all the excess admin that is lying around as part of our new filing system. Or maybe lunch. There isn’t time for both. And there certainly isn’t time to be thinking about where we would be without the letter G.

Oodness me, what’s ot into these uys? Don’t they know there were Eyptian, Hebrew and Reek letters for it? Why does Latin et all the ood facts?


One response to “Spurius Claims

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! We’re also hoping to have a home birth.

    Check out my blog if you want to see a man’s view of pregnancy!

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