Lily has been learning her letters. I blame the television, and to a lesser degree the parents. Of course, the grandparents have been instrumental in this as well. She has teaching firmly in the blood.

I am now inflicted with re-runs of ‘Alfagoks’ every time I am accompanied at the computer or television. I am running out of places to hide, but thankfully I do find the show very entertaining and there is lots to notice.

Here is an example. There are many more, on the CBeebies website or on the channel, at around 4:30 most afternoons.

Lily’s favourite character is O. Poor little O doesn’t say much. I like E quite a lot, and the little jokes about silent E and other characters with interesting stories. Y has a song that is stuck in my head. C and K have a contest as the alphabet isn’t big enough for both of them. Lots of great ideas, produced in a child-friendly and amusing way with lots of educational value.


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