No more Noughties

Is it already 2010? I’m not sure I even know how to pronounce 2010, let alone behave in it.

Last week I began musing the events of the decade just finished from a purely self-centred perspective and realised that it is far and away the most eventful decade of my life to date, and could well remain so.

In the 3653 days since I sat in my home-made Millenium Dome Tent at mum and dad’s and saw in the New Year (long story, involving being prevented from attending any party my brother or sister had plans to go to, and not getting around to going to London as I had promised myself a dozen years before), I have:

1. Kept a video-diary, a diary-diary and a blog.

2. Graduated. (Twice.)

3. Worked in one shop, two prisons, three schools, a college and a university.

4. Met and married an amazing man.

5. Moved into a family home and started a family.

6. Trained as a proper teacher.

7. Taken turns drumming, preaching, as a deacon, in the creche and volunteering with countless young people through church.

8. Travelled to Israel, the United States and Sri Lanka, thus extending my continent-count significantly.

9. Averted a mid-life crisis by taking up the saxophone in my early thirties.

10. Failed to get to London (or any other place of note) for the New Year celebrations every single year.

I have also watched my dad recover from his heart attack and my little brother become a dad (twice). Good friends and family members have died. Others have moved away, but most have kept in touch by means most appropriate to their circumstances. I have struggled enormously with some of life’s challenges, but found God to be faithful and loving throughout. I have been blessed with so much, and want to be a blessing to so many others.

Perhaps in the coming 10 years or so, I can try and do that. I will not make resolutions this year. But I am grateful for all that this century has brought so far, good or bad, and look to do my best with whatever God has given me going forward, whatever the future may bring.

God bless, and a happy and healthy 2010 to you.


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