You need to come and see this

… which translated, means

Whatever quote we already gave you, think of a number and triple it

I am now at the start of another tradesman-intensive week of preparing oddly sugared caffeinated drinks, keeping Lily out of harm’s way and leaving many doors open.

Let me show you where we are up to. It might make more sense than I could at this point.


Actually, we were just having this middle section of wall rebuilt. Now the wall to the left (the Pisan architecture) also has to come down, and the neighbours at the back are away. Let’s hope they are as understanding as we think they are. As we are now a three-skip, five-day job the builders have kindly offered to rebuild the wall at the front for free – it doesn’t even belong to us. Hmm. And those neighbours are out. So maybe I will avoid making any more enemies and go and put the kettle on again.


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