Sitting on the Fence

I wanted to blog before, but haven’t been able to get to the computer much as our windows have been cleverly double glazed and refurbished this week. I have been looking forward to them being done and the result is good. Photos will follow.

The fixing of the fanlight, a final part of the job, revealed a great deal of rot, which is a shame as we now have to decide whether to do Something Drastic when our new front door arrives. And we are in a Conservation Area!

Now we are between tradesmen. Tomorrow the skip arrives and the bricks for the new old back wall in the garden. Owing to neighbours fixing the top of the wall without talking to us first and then admitting it probably is our wall, we are left with a gaping hole where a gaping hole does not belong. There was a buddleia somewhere along the line, but the story is too long to relate today.

All our decking and a small shed had to be removed to see the state of the wall. It is not good, and every time the brickies come to see it they pull a bit more off, to try and convince us. They also try to embarrass us by making me – a mere maths teacher – do the calculations in my head and on my mobile phone. This is Intimidating and Criminal and not the thing I like doing when Someone is crying. Anyway, the job is urgent and now we have to empty and move the large shed and also negotiate with the neighbours on another side about a small wall at the front. And they keep finding more things that need attention.

What with the new front door, paintwork and boiler, this is going to be an expensive summer.


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