If Toddlers read the news…

Our top story today –

Oh my goodness, it seems I cannot get my cardigan on properly – however will we all cope? The sleeves are in all the wrong places and the number of buttons needs checking rigorously by experts in the field. The governor of California has declared it a state of emergency. I think we all need a little lie down to vent our feelings and recover.

In other news –

A dog was seen walking along, and he says ‘woof’, which when pronounced correctly, may sound more like ‘oof’. There has been speculation on this. Over to our zoological correspondant for more on this:

Yes, we have reports coming in of a number of animals, not just doggies, which have been seen not only walking along, but also sniffing. Investigators are looking into this, but we must state at this time that nothing has yet been confirmed. Back to you in the studio.

Out top story again today – cardigans – is it possible to wear them properly now that we are in recession? How has the credit crunch affected your knitwear? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at toddlernews and we’ll read your story on Wardrobe Wars later in the show.

Now for the weather –

It seems that the sun has been going to bed late recently, despite reports on CBeebies and other channels indicating otherwise in the bedtime hour. We would like to apologise for this and for the ensuing trouble caused to our parents. We would also like to thank our sponsors, Vitamin D Easy-Sun-Block for sponsoring the weather report and will now take as long as we can to mention them and the amazing benefits of going outside while being completely covered up so that you forget the weather report and think that the time was entirely taken up with an advert but in any case you didn’t really want to know the weather until the morning. Vitamin D Easy-Sun-Block: Because going outside should be child’s play.


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