I x maths

Who has been teaching my daughter that you should blow on food, wipe the floor and give dolls out fairly? I don’t do these things.

I am amazed at the ingenuity and tenacity it takes to handle an adult fork delicately enough to stab a bread stick successfully and try putting it into one’s mouth, alhough I am certain I would not succeed. However, I would have the advantage in knowing not to try eating the breadstick sideways when it finally arrives (by sucking at it for several minutes). Where is she getting this material? She keeps me in stitches.

Right now, rather than sleeping, Lily is doing her best to kiss my post-its and scheme of work, and write or draw in a Maths Higher Modular GCSE text book. She is achieving far more than I am in this regard. Time I kissed my work goodnight, and put the maths to bed too.


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