Good while it lasted

There are correlations in life that we do well to notice.


Then again, there are some which may not enhance our life all that far, if we don’t actually go to pub quizzes.

I have noticed this week that there is a correlation between sleeping and walking. On a very serious level, we have discovered that Lily cannot both walk and take two naps a day of up to 2 and a half hours. Walking is Just Too Exciting. It isn’t even exhausting her.

Why would being able to walk correlate with refusing daytime naps?

Blogs should not be used for ‘Spare a Thought for the Poor Blogger’ moments, but I ask you to just consider the impact this change is having on me. I have gone from expecting three to four hours a day of ‘useful’ catching up with all the work around the house and things still needing doing for college time, to suddenly finding there is less than an hour. It is a paradigm shift. It affects my sentence length. Not only this, but suddenly there is always someone under my feet and in my cupboards and wanting to put her shoes on and go outside again to see if the flowers have grown some more, because the alternative might include an incredibly archy back and a rearrangement of a certain occipital lobe, which is not good for the old Christmas letter.

Ok. Rant over. I still find her hilarious and I imagine you might too – for example she loves counting. Proper counting, with the intonation and everything. Actually, with just the intonation. Imagine you are telling a child how to count to ten for the first time, and you use a patronising sing-song voice. Ok? Now, instead of using numbers, just say ‘ten’.

Te-en, ten, te-en, te-n, ten… ten, tee-en, te-en, te-en, ten!

Ten per cent correct, as far as I am concerned.


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