All I know about hitching a free flight

I don’t know much about free flights, truth be told. You may be wondering where this blog is headed; there is plenty more where this came from, as there is an awful lot I know nothing about.

Up until yesterday Ryanair were offering free flights. We had had some ideas about holidays and had just about narrowed down our options to a lovely baby friendly bolthole, as recommended by Baby Friendly Boltholes. We had hoped not to have to take a travel cot, buggy, car seat, high chair or anything else we never had a use for 15 months ago.

Today the prices rose, so we booked a holiday. I am very happy about this, and it will go down in my diary today as the BT.

(I don’t believe I have explained this before, but each evening I summarise the main features of my day in a compact diary (food, who I saw, what Lily did) and each day I write BT = … and decide what the Best Thing to happen that day was. It has tempered my cynicism and given me a much more positive outlook on life. I have discovered that the BTs in my life are usually family, food and friends. And sometimes TV, e.g. Frasier. Or films. Sometimes the best things do not begin with F, for example a nice meal out, but then that would come under food I think, so this must be a fatally flawed feory).

Back to the plot.

As it happened, flights to Rodez are still in the region of £0.00 for adults, which was great. However, we are not allowed to book a third seat for Lily (ha! I bet I’m not the only person to have thought of that) and we have to pay for taxes, check-in, bags and handling fees. My free flights cost me £218.28.

Thank goodness they weren’t actually charging for them!


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