Today my daughter did not walk (except when holding hands),

She did not climb the stairs (except by crawling),

She did not eat her tea (except when she was crawling up and down the hallway and supposed to be going to bed),

She did not talk (except to say ‘dada’ indiscriminately),

She did not identify her own head (unless we had identified first mummy’s and then daddy’s),

She did not point to herself in the picture (except when we repeated the experiment a few times),

She did not put the wooden cylinder through the circle hole (except when she wasn’t trying to),

She did not stand on her own two feet (except to watch television),

She did not communicate (except to rock back and forth to indicate that she wanted to play ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’),

She did not create (except when she wanted a walker in church and used a chair instead),

She did not Do Very Much At All.

Thankfully, she is exhausted.


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