Christmas Dinner

Traditional turkey cooking times:
• small bird – twenty minutes per pound + 20 minutes
• large bird – fifteen minutes per pound + 15 minutes

Christmas turkeys will range from 3kg up to 11kg so there is no point buying a 11kg if there are just 2 people eating it!
• 4kg Turkey will feed about 6 people with not much in the way of leftovers
• 7-8kg Turkey will feed up to 10 people
• 10-11kg Turkey will feed plenty of people, maybe 15-20 

1 pound = 0.454 kilograms
1 kg = 2.2 pounds

1. You have to feed 6 people at 12:00 – what time do you need to start the turkey roasting? Show all your working out!

2. What difference does it make if you have to feed 12 people?


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