Suggestions wanted

I am embarking on a new project. At  my old church there is a baby clothing exchange. People can drop off used baby and toddler clothing and equipment and others can take them away, absolutely free of charge. I am about to do the same in Ipswich. Initially we only have room for clothing.

The name of the existing group is ‘Baby Exchange’ which is short and catchy, but makes me think that the babies themselves may be up for a swap. This is not an idea I am keen to entertain. I am more than happy with the baby I have, and have no intentions of swapping her any time soon.

So I asked my current church to suggest some ideas for the name of the parallel project I am setting up. It is going to run alongside a toddler group called ‘Rainbow Toddlers’ in the first place.

So far I have had the following suggestions:

Clothes of Many Colours

Multicoloured Swap Shop

Rompers Recycled

Romp Again / Romp-a-gain

Which leaves me thinking that there might be other, exciting names I could be calling this Baby Clothing Exchange Project. Suggestions from blog readers, hairdresser-salon naming types and lyricists are greatly appreciated. Comments can be made here…


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