Not my party

Ok, today (Saturday) Lily is 365 days old, but hold your drum rolls – she will not be one year old until Sunday. If you are reading this on Sunday, then you may roll drums, blow kazoos and wildly celebrate. Go on, I’ll let you. If you are reading this on Monday, then wait another 364 days. Et cetera.

I know it is not my party but I’ll let you celebrate too. I am meant to be doing a spot of wrapping, but here I am, wrabbiting instead.  I personally feel the tradition ought to be changed in favour of parents of one-year-olds receiving gifts, but until I am the Pope or the President of the United States – whichever is sooner – I fear I may have no say in such matters.

It is also not my party which got more than 50% of the popular vote and succeeded in putting a new man in office in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC as of January 20(th). But, like the rest of the world, I feel Obama probably represents me too in some way and am happy to see him elected and hope that no one realises his birth certificate could jeopardise his chances (see Ben Witherington’s interesting comments). He seems a jolly nice bloke and makes me want to vote Lewis Hamilton for Prime Minister, McLaren Party, when the time arises.

Back to planet Birthday. This week I was off work with illness. It was something of an upset to my tummy, my mental well-being and my rag doll development project. Following this, my husband (with whom I promised to share everything), took his turn. This led to dire consequences and Nearly Cancelling Lily’s Birthday. In fact, even Lily looked a little green at times. If it hadn’t been for my husband’s parents coming to stay anyway (and staying elsewhere for the general health of the family at large), and lots of food in the fridge specially delivered from the Veg Box company and the Large Supermarket company and the Milkman, we would probably have cancelled. It would have had the following Foreseen Consequences:

1. Lily not turning one until she was two years old;

2. Et cetera.

3. Lily being ‘that little bit older’ all the way through school;

4. Lily not being able to learn to drive, drink or vote for ‘that little bit longer’ (ha!);

5. Lily having to work for at least 5 more years before she can retire/take in her aged parents (hmm).

All in all, I am glad I do not have to cancel, although the cake is on hold for a week. Everything has been cleaned, cooked very hot or noted ‘not to be touched’. We’re not even planning to do great things or have many presents. But it is the principle, and I was getting close to being very upset about it all. I feel I am not allowed to cry if I want to, however.

Even when the lovely cupcakes we found today which will work for a birthday candle photo got smudged in the box by mistake.


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