Here are two options. You can wash your windows the natural way, using the finest precipitation and the occasional slug, or you can pay someone to visit you and wash your windows.

Let me take you through the comparisons that matter:

  • Time it takes to remove bird muck: Weather – 6 months, Window Cleaner – 6 minutes
  • Time it takes to get service: Weather – 0-3 months, Window Cleaner – 6 weeks (he says)
  • Number of ladders needed to get around a difficult corner: Weather – 0, Window Cleaner – 3
  • Cost of washing all windows: Weather – £0, Window Cleaner – £9
  • Environmental impact: Weather – negligible, Window Cleaner – some soap used (he says)
  • Impact on the economy: Weather – gathering clouds, Window Cleaner – 3 fewer out of work
  • Outlook: Weather – rain marks, Window Cleaner – clear vistas
  • Final Result: Weather – cheap and simple, Window Cleaner: simple and cheap (but will work just before it rains)

I really should be doing other things.


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