Pure Hearts and Wet Feet

This is the title of my sermon for tomorrow evening.

There is a verse in the Psalms that says ‘Create in me a pure heart, O God’. Actually it is half of a verse (Psalm 51:10). I am leading a meditation on what each part of it means.

The Wet Feet element is so that there is something to draw the crowds in when they see the title, and because I often feel like my heart isn’t pure enough, even when I mean well (just like Peter when he wants to walk on the water like Jesus in Matthew 14).

In a physical sense, having wet feet is not necessarily conducive to having a healthy heart – unless you are swimming regularly perhaps.

The heart in the Old Testament though isn’t the physical heart, but the centre of the human spirit. The place where emotions, thought, motivations, courage and actions take root. The inner person, you might say today.

I want to have a pure heart, even when I don’t feel like stepping out of the boat. Having a distorted and self-absorbed way of living is never very fulfilling. I have been praying this verse a lot in recent weeks and have discovered God changing me and my attitudes in all kinds of ways. I’m not there yet. It doesn’t matter if it is only me who is changed by this. I can’t change anyone else, but if I am changed, the world is a better place.

Being pure isn’t trendy unless you are a bottle of water.

Getting your priorities right sometimes means not minding if other people think you are a little wet.


One response to “Pure Hearts and Wet Feet

  1. Lucy, if your entire sermon is a 2 minute string of your aphorisms, it will be the best I’ve heard in a long time (subjectively excepting all my wife’s sermons that I usually proof read this time of the week).

    Thanks for posting about schools. Extremely interesting and most helpful. I shall try to think through your questions in the course of this coming year.

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